:Ikonen: Media presents

...in the Crystal Cage

CD Compilation (ikon02)

Out 23rd of November 2004

Isolationist Soundscapes for the Inner Cinema

75 Minutes of fascinating atmospheric music in a dark and beautiful three-panel-digipak.

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Imagine you’re in a crystal cage
You breath deeply
Yet you can’t relax
Your eyes staring
Into light – and darkness
There are pattern
Like flowers of ice
You hear flames
Devouring the walls
The crystal cage could be your prison
It could be – your isolation
It could be – Life.

Exclusive Sonic constructions by

Inade (D)
Herbst9 (D)
Anenzephalia (D)
Fir§t Law (D)
Shining Vril (GB)
Galerie Schallschutz (D)
Troum (D)
Apoptose (D)
Tho-So-Aa (D)
Drape Excrement (D)
Naevus (GB)
Pilori (D)
Golgatha (D)

Distributed by Tesco Germany