English curriculum vitae

Dr. phil. habil. Marcus Stiglegger

* born in 1971, is a lecturer of film studies at the Johannes-Gutenberg-University in Mainz, Univertsity of Mannheim and International Film School Cologne, Germany. In 2008 he was visiting professor at Clemson University, SC, USA.

*He studied film studies, cultural anthropology, philosophy and theatre & performance studies in Mainz.

* In 1999 he published his doctor’s thesis on the subject of politics and sexuality in the Italian cinema of the 70ies (‘Sadiconazista’, 2nd ed.). During his studies he began working as a tutor and helped building the video-archive of the institute for film studies. From 2000 on he has been working as a lecturer.

* Stiglegger has published several books on film history and film aesthetics both as a writer and as an editor. His publications include books on the Nouvelle vague (2006), Western (2003), War films (2006), Pop and cinema (2004), international Film auteurs (2000), the cinema of extremes (2002), the films of Abel Ferrara (2000) among others. In 2007 his main work ‘Ritual & Seduction’ to date - on a cinematic theory of seduction - was published.

* In addition he regularly contributes to film conferences national and international (Chile in 2001, Japan in 2002).

* He is a member of the international film critic association FIPRESCI and regularly writes for the German magazines Filmdienst, epd Film Testcard, Screenshot, Splatting Image and his own cultural magazine :Ikonen:, which he founded in 2002.

* International articles appear in the magazines Kinoeye (USA), Paradoxa (USA) and Eyeball (UK) as well as in several books: Steven Jay Schneiders (ed.), Fear without Frontiers, 2003; Stephen Thrower (ed.): Eyeball Compendium, 2003; Steffen Hantke (ed.): Caligari’s Heirs, 2007).

* Currently Stiglegger works on two book projects on the films of Monika Treut resp. David Cronenberg (forthcoming in 2008).

* Other activities of Marcus Stiglegger include screenplays (TV-serie Der Fahnder), short films (Sister mine…) and music videos (check out www.imdb.com for details).

* He is member of the ‘Asiaticum’ of the University of Mainz, concentrating on Japanese cinema in this context, and appears as an author for the renowned Brockhaus Encyclopedia (several entries on film).


English articles:

Sadiconazista - introduction

Seductive Strategies of Cinema

Representing the Holocaust on Film


Contact for Marcus Stiglegger:

If you like to invite me for a conference or as a contributor, please use this email-address

Marcus.Stiglegger [at] gmx [dot] de


Bibliography: books

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